002 // Peace on Fifth

If you think about rivalries in the tech world, it's hard not to think about Microsoft vs. Apple. When it was the underdog, Apple repeatedly attacked Microsoft with some of the best commercials of the time. The PC vs. Mac battle raged on online as well, with fanboys from either side ferociously defending their favorite tech company. There was always tension around.

Leveraging existing cultural tension is one of the most effective ways of getting people to pay attention and care about a brand, product, or service. It was already a powerful tool before the days of social media, and the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and others only made it even more effective.

When Microsoft opened a new flagship store in NYC just a few blocks away from Apple's own flagship store on Fifth Avenue, we saw an opportunity of doing something different with the existing cultural tension around the two brands. Instead of going the usual route of amping up the tension to get people talking, we used this Holiday campaign to defuse it with our version of a Christmas truce. The TV commercial came out good, too: